How do you decide on the picks you make?

The BlueBirdBets Team analyzes hundreds of data sets to pick the most profitable spreads. We do our best to optimize results and keep our clients profitable.

How many picks do you have per day?

Our pick count varies, it depends on how many picks we are statistically confident based on our system.

How do you send the picks to clients?

The picks are available to clients via the member portal on the website. You can also turn on story & post notifications on Instagram @BlueBirdBets to be notified via push notification when picks are available.

When do you send the picks to clients?

Picks are generally sent out at 4:30 PM EST for night games. For day games, they are sent out at 11 AM EST.

What is your winning percentage?

We currently hold over a 60% win percentage across all of our covered sports categories. We hold a 72% win percentage on "guranteed picks"

How does your system work?

Our algorithmic based system has been trained from game analytics for over 10 years. Through our losses and many victories, we are able to take pride in our systematic picks that provide our members with the best return on investment in the sports betting space.

Do you use a unit system?

Yes, our unit system is optimized for each pick and provided to our members with confidence

Do you rate your plays?

Yes, we currently categorize our picks by regular picks, picks of the day, and guaranteed picks.

How do I find today’s picks on the website?

Today's picks are located after logging in to the member portal and navigating to the"My Account" pulldown.